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What Kind Of Nutrition In Pet Treats For Pupply Is Necessary For Dogs?
- May 02, 2018 -

Let the dog eat well, eat properly, the body is naturally resistant, and not easy to get sick. Now that we understand this principle, we should think more about the choice of Pet Treats for Pupply and carefully select the Pet Treats for Pupply suitable for use by the dog. So, what nutrients in Pet Treats for Pupply are necessary for dogs?

1, calcium. The role of calcium in the physical health of dogs is to promote bone development, so that dogs can grow tall and strong. However, it is not good for the body to make the dogs calcium supplements. Starting from puppies to give a large amount of calcium, will make the puppies of bone growth plate earlier calcification, bone can not continue to elongate.

If you really want to add calcium to the dog, just give it a proper amount of calcium or calcium powder. The owner can also purchase Pet Treats for Pupply made from dried fish from the market, which can not only solve the problem but also take care of the nutrients the body needs.

2, vitamin A. If a dog's Pet Treats for Pupply is rich in vitamin A, it can keep digestive organs and respiratory organs healthy, and if it lacks vitamin A, it will lose its resistance. In humans, vitamin A also has anti-cancer properties. It can be supplemented with Pet Treats for Pupplys such as carrots and spinach.

3, vitamin D. Vitamin D in Pet Treats for Pupplys can help calcium absorption. If it is lacking, bones and teeth will weaken. Let the dog basking in the sun, eat pig liver, beef liver and egg yolk to supplement.

4, vitamin E. Vitamin E in Pet Treats for Pupplys prevents the oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids and can place body cells to age. Vitamin E is a type of hematopoietic vitamin that causes anemia in the absence of it.

5, B vitamins. B vitamins have a protective effect, have a nerve-stabilizing function, and help stabilize emotions. If it is lacking, there will be symptoms such as anemia, angular cheilitis, tiredness and neuritis.

6, lecithin. Lecithin is good for the skin and hair, avoids cardiovascular diseases, allows dogs to eat raw egg yolks, and can obtain lecithin

7, folic acid. Can also be considered to promote growth, if the lack will lead to anemia and incomplete cell division, affecting development.


1. Dogs can make vitamin C on their own, as long as they are healthy dogs.

2, raw egg contains a substance that will inhibit the absorption of vitamin H by the intestine, affecting the dog's growth and development of the dog's health.