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What Is The Type And Role Of Pet Treats For Pupply?
- May 02, 2018 -

Clean teeth chewing :

Can effectively exercise the dog's jaw crunch ability, grinding dog teeth, prevent dental calculus. This kind of product can also be a toy, to prevent the dog from biting and biting things at home. Dogs can be seen in every corner of the family. They do not have the desire to destroy, Pet Treats for Pupply but because for most dogs, biting things is a happy thing.

Oral cleansing after meals is also a major event in dog life. Adult dogs have 42 teeth, and their caries represent a large proportion. Many food scraps remain in the crevices of the teeth after eating, making them feel that their teeth need to be cleaned up. Dogs with unhealthy teeth will become less and less appetizing after they become old, and nutrition will not keep them from weakening. It is very likely to leave us.

Maybe when you see such a dog you would say that it is naturally aging, but maybe you don't know that such aging can be improved by cleaning oral hygiene. After the meal, the dog is chewed. It will slow the formation of plaque and tartar, and it will also remove the smell from the dog's mouth. Nutritious molar foods can replace natural bones because natural bones are easily bitten by pets to sharpen the esophagus and nutrients are scarce. The “clean teeth” are in the process of dog pecking. Gradually melting, Pet Treats for Pupply will not damage the pet's digestive organs, but also can effectively supplement the calcium needed for pet dogs.

Meat snacks :

Meat snacks are good quality Pet Treats for Pupply with a moisture content of less than 14%, which ensures that the unit weight of the product can contain more nutrients, while also being tough and chewy, in line with the nature of dog bites and chewing.

When a dog enjoys the deliciousness of the dried meat, its teeth will completely enter and adhere to the dried meat, and then they can chew through multiple times to achieve the effect of cleaning the teeth. Pet Treats for Pupply It functions as if the dental floss cleans teeth, and the dried meat The delicious and tough taste makes the dog willing to spend more time chewing, so that it takes longer to clean the action, to ensure a better dental effect. To reduce the accumulation of dental plaque and calculus, let the pet The breath is fresh and there will be no bad breath when approaching.

1. The flavour of dried meat will stimulate the appetite of the dog, so that dogs who do not like to eat can eat large portions.

2. It is very convenient to train dogs for some movements. In order to eat dried meat, they will quickly remember some movements and manners, which is very helpful for training.

3. I think it is not good for dogs to eat canned food for a long time. Dogs will bad breath and become very awkward. The same palatability of dried meat is very good, and it is dry. Mixing in canned food instead of canned food not only does not cause bad breath, and even brushing the rice bowl is much simpler.

4, easy to carry, out of the dog at any time need dry meat to lure about, dried meat packaged individually, the shape is very small, it is easy to carry outside.

5, can help training, most of the dogs are not obedient, Pet Treats for Pupply dried meat can quickly control them, but also can help train them into obedient children.

Deodorizing cookies:

Deodorizing biscuits can effectively clean the oral cavity of dogs, protect teeth and remove bad breath. Make your dog's excrement and body odor significantly improved until it disappears.

Deodorizing biscuit nutrition is often more comprehensive and balanced. Make your pet's intake of nutrients more balanced and more developed. At the same time can also qi digestion, Pet Treats for Pupply improve appetite and immunity.

Biscuits are also a good helper when training dogs. Deodorizing cookies can be used as rewards when the dog has completed the designated behavior well.