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Six Mistakes In Feeding Pet Treats For Pupply
- May 02, 2018 -

Keeping pets is like raising children. Pet Treats for Pupply It is indispensable to prepare some snacks for him. For example, when training a pet, awarding some snacks after the dog has completed the correct action will have a multiplier effect. Here are 6 misunderstandings of 6 pets' snacks collected for everyone to see which ones you shot?

Misunderstanding 1: Holding a snack as a staple food

Living with pets, you can't help but want to give them snacks (dim sum). However, the main function of snacks is not to provide nutrition to the dogs. Pet Treats for Pupply Once the frequency of snacks increases, there is a risk that they will eat only snack foods without eating staple foods. Uncontrolled snacks for pets will make the dogs happy. But the consequences of such behavior are beyond your imagination.

Misunderstanding 2: Snacks are not to be chosen, choose to be casual

For example, some dogs are smaller in size or younger, and are not suitable for eating larger or harder snacks; if they are dog-based, then it is better to use mainly pork (more economical, etc.); if it is For the main purpose of molar teeth, it is best to use a meaty wrapper or a snack bar.

Myth 3: Confusion between the purpose of snacks and staples

The main purpose of snacks is to increase the happiness of pets and make owners enjoy the happiness at the same time, while staple foods are mainly to ensure the health of pets. Pet Treats for Pupply Snacks should not be fed as staple foods, nor should staple foods be given as snacks.

Misunderstanding 4: Crunches When Snacks Eat

The main raw material of dog chews is cortical type. The main effect is to resist bite. It is best not to eat it in the stomach. Especially small dogs should pay attention to it and must not be eaten, otherwise there will be danger to life.

Myth 5: Snack people to eat pets

Ice cream, cakes, these desserts touch less, on the one hand easy to get rid of teeth, stomach, but also easy to gain weight on the one hand. Chocolate is a poison for dogs. Pet Treats for Pupply Grapes are also deadly fruits for dogs. They are snacks that are not necessarily suitable for dogs.

Misunderstanding 6: Feeding

Don't casually snack on your dog so that your dog will plead for food and harass visitors. Snacks and rewards are more effective than punishment. Snacks are also food, too many snacks can cause obesity, reward snacks should be symbolic, the most suitable for the owner.

But everything has two sides. Although there are many benefits to snacking on pets, the problems it brings are not to be underestimated. Pet Treats for Pupply Incorrect feeding methods and excessive snacks will not only cause the baby to picky, gain weight, and even endanger the baby's life. So you must pay attention to the ramie hemp pets!