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Numbers Of Misconceptions/knowledge About Dogs.
- Jul 19, 2018 -

1, United states of America has the highest amount of percentages per household to own a dog ? - False

Indeed, USA is the biggest pet market which exceed more than $40 billion annually, yet its ownership percentage is only 36% comparing to Romania's 45% and Polands 37%.

2, Netherland has the toughest laws in Europe regarding the abandonment or cruelty of animals, with fines of more than €16,000 and penalties of three or more years in prison. - True

3, Dogs wag their tails because they are happy. - False.

Not necessarily, Although it's often a sign of happiness, the wagging movement of dog's tail can as well indicate irritability, anxiety, or other states of mind.

4, Dogs lick their wounds because it can instinctively to remove dead tissue and stimulate circulation. - True, but If a dog has poor oral hygiene or hasn't been vaccinated, this process can actually have the opposite effect, so pay attention!