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How To Feed Pet Treats For Pupplys
- May 02, 2018 -

How to deal with dog picky eaters

In order to avoid dogs picky eaters, Pet Treats for Pupplys it is necessary to train them to develop stable dining habits. On the 1st of 3 months, 4 times, 1st, 3rd, 8th, 1st, 3rd, 8-months or more, you can change it to twice a day. If you don't want the dog to be interested in food, you should let it be small. Use feed as a meal.When you eat, let the dog develop the habit of dining intently.If you don't run out within 30 minutes, feed will be put away and will be provided for the next meal.Do not let the dog develop the bad habit of eating. .

How to feed Pet Treats for Pupplys?

1 Do not feed foods with excess pigment or additives.

2, Do not let the dog develop the habit of eating snacks every day.

3, The best time to give snacks is when they do something you are happy about.

4. When the dog's body begins to look a bit off, it's important to note whether the snacks should be reduced.

5. When the dog is not eating, do not use snacks instead of dinner.

Older dogs should not always change food

Due to the differences in the type and size of pets, there are also differences in old age. In general, small dogs begin to enter the old age at the age of eighty-nine, Pet Treats for Pupplys while large dogs can count as older dogs at the age of seven. The old age of the dog also accounts for almost 40 of its life.

As older dogs age, the resistance will drop significantly, increasing the odds of getting sick. It may not be obvious from the outside, but it has already begun to change. Pet Treats for Pupplys The main changes are the decline in metabolic capacity and the beginning of heart and kidney function failure, which leads to decreased exercise capacity. Compared with juveniles and adult dogs, their physical activity will be significantly reduced. Therefore, the owners must be careful to observe and be good at finding changes in their behavior, and regularly check their blood urine every year.

The most common diseases of older dogs are dental diseases and endocrine diseases. Older male dogs must pay attention to the examination of the prostate, kidneys, heart and other organs, while bitches should pay attention to inspection of breast, kidney, pancreas and other organs. Pet Treats for Pupplys Due to the decline in metabolic function in older dogs, the food should be selected for dog food with low protein content, and do not frequently change pet food.