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Explaining How To Select Pet Treats For Pupply And Dried Meat
- May 02, 2018 -

First, the choice of species

1, dry type

The earliest original dried meat was dried chicken breast meat, and now dried chicken breast is also a favorite of many puppies. Usually divided into: meat, meat, meat foam three! Suitable for different dogs. Usually they are very dry, very hard, suitable for dog teeth, eliminate tooth stone, and taste better than chewing. There are also dry and crunchy, this is a very crispy meat, suitable for dogs or dogs with bad teeth. Chicken is a high-protein, low-fat food that is very good digestive. These two dried jerky are suitable for all dog breeds and most dogs will love it.

2, wet type

There are many kinds of dried meat of this type, Pet Treats for Pupply and usually they contain a certain amount of water. In addition to semi-dry chicken breast meat there are many other flavor options, such as: salmon chicken breast sushi, sandwiches and so on. The taste of this dried meat is even better than the dry palatability. Almost all dogs love to eat! It is especially suitable for dogs that have not grown long teeth, or older dogs with bad teeth. At the same time, cats also like to eat moist-type dried meat.

Second, quality selection

1, bulk

A lot of dried meat is sold in some wholesale markets. Pet Treats for Pupply Such dried meat is not hygienic! Although the price is relatively cheap, but any guests come to squeeze, grasping, traders will also grab some dog to the guests to taste, cross-infection. So it is recommended that you do not choose!

2, white packaging

All who buy long dried meat know that there is a white packaged dried meat. The so-called white packaging is no trademark and production date and so on, only a transparent packaging bag with a bag of dried meat. This is the owner's choice. Because the dried meat is cheap and packed, it feels hygienic. However, one thing to remind everyone is that the white packaged jerky is usually a product that has not been sold by the manufacturer or the rest of the stock, and it is sold directly, so it is cheap. There is absolutely no such product as the date of production and the nutritional ratio table. Therefore, it is not recommended to buy it.

3, regular packaging

This is certainly recommended for everyone to buy, has a production date, nutrition ratio table, factory address and so on. The quality is guaranteed, so that everyone is assured! Pet Treats for Pupply The only thing is that the price may be more expensive, but spend more money, buy a healthy and reliable, personally feel it is worth it!

It's bad to eat anything and eat wrong! However, if you know how to eat and how to control your size, this kind of snack food is still very suitable for dogs! So depending on the characteristics of your puppy, choose a dry meat that suits it.