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Eliminating ‘information Silo‘ Blockchain Might Restructure The Pet Industry
- Jun 22, 2018 -

In early 2018, the blockchain blossomed in various fields. Regardless of Silicon Valley Facebook, Google, Microsoft, or domestic BAT, they are stepping up to the blockchain layout. There are four characteristics of blockchain technology: “decentralization, trust enhancement, distributed consensus, and irreconcilable”, which have been applied in many fields such as finance, entertainment, and games. 

Three reason that blockchain might bring changes to pet food industry : high cost on regulatory, silo information structure and non-transparency.

1,high cost on regulatory.

Nowadays, the development speed of China's pet industry ranks the highest in the world. Compared with the strong demand of the overall market, the entire industry chain of the pet industry cannot keep up with the demand for growth. This has caused the domestic pet industry to want to clone European and other models to build supervision. The cost is unusually high.

In the absence of effective industry regulations and supervision, the overall domestic pets' entry agencies and companies are mixed, and some institutions and companies have taken the risk without hesitation of selling conscience, and pet lovers have become the ultimate vitctim.

2, silo information structure.

The most important link in pet purchase and mating is breed information, so the information chain for pet breeding is extremely important. However, in the pet transaction today, the buyer cannot obtain any true reproduction information of the pups or adult pets. Even if the seller provides verbal promises or related information, the buyer has no way to verify. This provides a living space for a large number of mixed and counterfeit varieties, and it is totally a fantasy to rely on users to identify themselves.

This creates a widespread sense of distrust in pet trading. The key to solving this problem lies in the establishment of a pet breeding information chain. When the information chain of each pet can be traced back, this problem will be solved. In traditional information technology, it is an impossible task to establish a pet breeding information chain because the data can be easily modified. But for blockchains, implementation is surprisingly simple.


If the improvement of the information chain is conducive to the identification of pet products, and information transparency is the cornerstone of the guarantee of pet products quality. In addition to buying authentic pet products, the purchase of unhealthy or genetically-affected pets products is one of chaos. Pets are emotional consumer goods. After marketization, the prices of different products are not the same.