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Dried Meat Is A Good Pet Treats For Pupply
- May 02, 2018 -

Dogs can eat snacks. In order to better train dogs, snacks are often used as a tool for our hosts to communicate with pets. If dogs perform well, we will reward some snacks, but which snacks are suitable for dogs to eat? Follow Werff's Xiao Bian to find out.

1: Select dog snacks from the advantages of dried meat

Dried meat is a high-quality Pet Treats for Pupply with a moisture content of less than 14%, which ensures that the unit weight of the product can contain more nutrients, Pet Treats for Pupply and is also tough and chewy, in line with the nature of dogs like biting and chewing. When a dog enjoys the deliciousness of the dried meat, its teeth will completely enter and adhere to the dried meat, and then it can be used to clean the teeth through repeated chewing. Its function is like dental floss cleaning teeth, and the delicious and tough taste of dried meat makes the dog willing to spend more time chewing, so that it takes longer to clean the action, to ensure a better dental cleaning effect. Reduce the accumulation of dental plaque and calculus, so that the pet's breath is fresh and there will be no unpleasant bad breath when approaching.

A. The flavor of dried meat will stimulate the dog's appetite, so that dogs who do not like to eat can eat large pieces.

b. It is very convenient to train dogs for some movements. In order to eat dried meat, they will quickly remember some movements and politeness, which is very helpful for training.

c. I think it's not good for dogs to eat canned foods for a long time. Dogs can bad breath and become very awkward. The same palatability of dried meat is very good, and it is dry. Pet Treats for Pupply Mixing in canned food instead of canned food not only does not cause bad breath, and even brushing the rice bowl is much simpler.

d.Easy to carry, the dog needs to be seduce it at any time. The dried meat is packaged individually. The shape is very small and it is easy to carry outside.

e. can help training, most disobedient dogs, dried meat can quickly control them, but also can help train them into obedient good children.

2: Select dog snacks from variety

a.Dry type

The earliest original dried meat was dried chicken breast meat, and now dried chicken breast is also a favorite of many puppies. Usually divided into: meat, meat, meat foam three! Suitable for different dog food. Usually they are very dry, very hard, suitable for dog teeth, eliminate tooth stone, Pet Treats for Pupply and taste better than chewing. There are also dry and crunchy, this is a very crispy meat, suitable for dogs or dogs with bad teeth. Chicken is a high-protein, low-fat food that is very good digestive. These two dried jerky are suitable for all dog breeds and most dogs will love it.

b. Wet type

There are many kinds of dried meat of this type, and usually they contain a certain amount of water. In addition to semi-dry chicken breast meat there are many other flavor options, such as: salmon chicken breast sushi, sandwiches and so on. The taste of the dried meat is even better than the dry palatability, Pet Treats for Pupply and almost all dogs are very fond of eating! This is especially suitable for dogs whose teeth have not grown well, or older dogs with bad teeth. At the same time, cats also like to eat moist-type dried meat.

Raw or undercooked foods contain a lot of bacteria. Dogs can cause food poisoning.