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An Research On The Top 3 And Bottom 3 Countries That Value The Natural Ingredient The Most
- Jun 06, 2018 -

Natural ingredient might be the trend for pet food industry, but apparently people from different countries are holding a difference views on it. Ben Cottenie, who works animal nutrition sales manager for pet food ingredient supplier Beneo, has presented his work at Foro Mascotas 2018.

The methodology of the reseach is simple enough : ask a group of people if they agree to the statement 'I consider natural products as better.'


Here is the result:


Top 3

1,Russia / Mexico : 92% of the people agreed with the statement.

2,Brazil :82% of the people agreed with the statement.


Bottom 3

1,UK/US : Only 65% people agreed with the statement

2.Spain : 68% of the agree rate.


Though this study has its pottential limitation where the sample size is undisclosed. Furthermore, we are unable to make the conclusion that people think 'natural product is better'are those who valued the natural ingredient most. The fact that natural ingredient is more popular than artificial ones could be seen as even the lowest 65% from UK/US stayed a relatively possitive sign towards natural ingredient


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