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23 Tips And General Knowledge About Dogs
- Jul 09, 2018 -

1. Do you know how many hours your dog needs to sleep every day?

A: Under normal circumstances, the puppies (less than five months) are 15-18 hours, and the adult dogs are 10-12 hours. If the owner is an office worker, the dog sleep period will increase by 3-4 hours! (Dog There is no complicated logic of thinking, so it doesn't feel bored and lonely. When it's tired, it just sleeps when you want to play, but often it's played by destroying furniture or other items in your home.

2. Do you know the body temperature of adult dogs?

A: In the normal situation that adult dogs do not exercise, do not take the car, are not nervous, and are not excited, the body temperature is maintained at 37.8~38.8, which is still a reasonable range. If there is above, the body temperature will be higher, and the right dog body temperature will be higher than The dog is about 0.5 degrees.

3. How many years is the average life expectancy of a dog?

A: This is related to the feeding method of the owner and the normal exercise of the dog!

In general, scientific feeding is 12-15 years old for large dogs, and 15-18 years old for small dogs (below less than 12KG).

4. Do you know how many teeth are there in adult dogs?

A: A total of 42 teeth, including upper and lower incisors, canines, and molars.

5. Do you know that there are several toes in the front and back of the dog?

A normal for the front paw is a single-legged five-toed hind leg with four toes, but because of genetic evolution problems, more or less dogs have hidden "wolf toes" at the ankle joints, so you need to pay attention when trimming your nails! The owner does not like the presence of the wolf toe, which can be removed by surgery without affecting the physiology of the dog.

6. Why is the nose of a dog always wet?

A: A dog with normal body function needs a sensitive sense of smell, and the tongue often rubs the nose to increase the sensitivity of the dog to the air sensitivity to increase the sense of smell!

The sick dog has a shortage of water due to inflammation of the internal organs, which affects the secretion of saliva. Therefore, even if the dog has a nose and no saliva, it can not make the nose look moist. SO! When the dog is found to be normal, the nose is dry, and the owner is Be careful to see if your dog is not feeling well!

When the dog wants to sleep or just gets up and gets up, because the organ needs to take turns to rest, the dog will not deliberately use the olfactory function, so the dog's nose stealing will be more dry during these two times, please don't worry if the owner please distinguish it clearly. !

7. Do you think dogs can distinguish colors?

A: There is no system for discriminating chromatic aberration in the dog's nerve. There is no way to distinguish the color. In the dog world, all the gray scales are recognized, and the color definition can only be said to be the "bright" degree difference. !

Knowledge Science - 24 tips to help you quickly understand dogs

8. Is it best for adult dogs to eat a few meals a day?

A: Two meals! It is wrong for the owner to think that a good idea for a dog is a meal!

A balanced intake of food and nutrition is an important part of reducing the burden of digestive function of dogs. You try to eat all the meals in one night, and then don't eat the next day. I will congratulate you on stomach after one month!

9. Can a dog eat the same daily meals as you do?

A: All feeding methods depend on the concept of the owner! The home-cooked food that people eat does not say whether the oil content is not good for the dog. It is not comprehensive to say that the food is balanced. Therefore, for the dog's healthy owner. Scientific feeding methods should be used.

10. Do you think that quality dog food is a balanced, safe and convenient food?

A: Feeding dog food is more convenient and practical, because we can't be nutritionists. We can't grasp the various nutrients that dogs should consume on average. Therefore, it is good to give dog quality dog food. Choice! Compare the nutritional balance of the dog.

11. Can dogs directly absorb nutrients from fresh fruits and vegetables?

A: Because of the different physiological structures, dogs can absorb the nutrients and vitamins contained in most fruits and vegetables but cannot be metabolized! Therefore, long-term consumption of fruits and vegetables can cause excessive vitamins and vitamin poisoning (this depends on the dog's Physique, but the owner does not think that eating now is okay, this does not mean that nothing will happen in the future).

12. When dogs choose food, they rely more on smell, taste or vision?

A: Dogs distinguish foods by smelling the protein content of the food (it is meaningless for the so-called "fragrance" and the smell of the dog), so if the dog is incompletely digested by the dog's olfactory protein BB, it will think that it is BB but food!

13. When the weather is hot, you need to cut the hairy dog, can you feel comfortable?

A: This is a hypothetical assumption that the concept of human beings is placed on the dog!

The animal evolution process has passed N years, the dog's hair will be freely adjusted with the seasons, when the summer will take off the inner layer of warm fluff and gradually change the outer coat into a shorter "summer dress", while in winter It will increase the protective fluff of the inner layer with the climate adjustment and the outer wool will become a relatively thick winter dress! (This is why the owner often sees that his dog always loses hair all year round, especially in spring and autumn.) .

In general, we have a certain degree of grooming when it comes to grooming! Because beauty is not only beautiful, but also leaving the hair to adjust the ability of the dog to change the climate of nature. When it is hot, the hair can resist the evil. Ultraviolet rays can increase the growth of hair when it is cold.

Knowledge Science - 24 tips to help you quickly understand dogs

14. Do you think that long-haired dogs and short-haired dogs are more likely to get skin diseases?

A: According to the survey, the probability of skin disease in short-haired dogs is more than twice that of long-haired dogs! Please pay special attention to dogs that lack long hair protection!

15. Can a dog start vaccination a few weeks after birth?

A: Normally, the vaccine can be administered 6-8 weeks after the birth of the dog. However, if the period of the puppy period in which the breast milk is insufficient for artificial breastfeeding is the 7th day, the vaccine is needed to help the puppy to be unable to oil the breast milk. Get the lack of antigen!

16. Can infectious diseases in dogs be transmitted to the owner?

A: There are many kinds of this! The viral disease is not infected because the nucleating enzymes of humans and dogs are different! And the kinds of bacteria are divided into several kinds of animals and animals! (This has the opportunity to say again), Others are in vivo and in vitro insects such as fleas, mites, mites, etc. This may not be a disease, but it will cause trouble with the dog!

17. Can dogs take a shower every day?

A: Of course, the answer to this question is certainly not to wash every day! But the appropriate time should not be more than a few days. It depends on which province where the dog owner lives. Because there are different climates and humidity, how can there be a standard answer? (Generally, small dogs are washed once a week, and large dogs are washed once every two weeks).

18. Why can't we bathe our dogs with our shampoo?

A: Because the skin acidity and alkalinity of human and dog are different, it is often used to cause the dog skin to sensitively damage the growth and metabolism of the dog's normal skin.

19. Need to check the dog every few weeks to clean the dog's anal gland?

A: If it is a puppy, please observe it to the doctor first or observe whether the dog's anal gland is swollen (in the observation of the action, you can also see the puppy often used to support the ground and then use the ** strand to sharpen the floor) You need to squeeze the anal gland for the dog!

If the adult dog often goes out and has contact with the dog group, the dog will hear each other and release the body odor to know each other's identity. In this case, the dog almost does not have to worry about the anal gland.

20. Why does the male dog lift a leg when urinating?

A: Characterization of evolutionary processes in canine habit animals. Males are symbols of status and declared territorial scope, while a few mother dogs also raise their legs and pee because they have strong male leaders in their bodies. Don’t worry if the owner finds that this is the case with his own bitch.

Knowledge Science - 24 tips to help you quickly understand dogs

21. Can dogs also suffer from mental anxiety and depression?

A: Yes! But almost sick dogs are caused by the owner (this will have a chance to talk later), excessive favor or negligence will cause the dog's depression syndrome!

22. Does the dog feel the fear that it will shake the tail?

A: NO! The fear of the dog is to clip the tail in the two legs, and excited. Happy. Welcome is a quick shake, holding the tail gently swaying to express peace warning and silence, the tail flat vertical neck hair erected to alert the angry anger!

23. Can the dog understand your complaint?

A: The feelings of the dog and the owner come from mutual interaction (the dog will observe the human being), and the so-called obedience or understanding is actually only the observation of the dog's observation of the owner's life habit! Do not believe that you are going home today. Do something completely different from the past, and change your observations about how your dog behaves (most of it will be as scary as a ghost).