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The importance of having a healthy gum for dogs
- Jun 20, 2018 -

The dog's gum health is very important. Not only because it will be difficult for the dog to eat, in severe cases, it will develop systemic diseases such as impaired cardiac function, impaired renal function, and thrombosis. Therefore, dog owners must pay attention to the gum health of their beloved dogs.

Dog teeth are an important tool for chewing and biting food, especially for biting hard bones. However, when food waste or debris is stored in the teeth, it can cause bacteria to grow in the teeth, causing inflammation in the gums, affecting the dog's appetite and digestion. Some breeds of dogs, such as Yorkshire and Poodles, can easily grow pale yellow to brownish tartar.

It is important to brush your dog's teeth in a regular basis, but most dog resist on doing that. Another way of preventing Tartar and Plaque is to chewing those dental clean treats. In Sweet we have multiple treats that focus on this issue.