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Pet Treats for Medium choices and how much to eat
- May 02, 2018 -

The first time you buy, don't buy too much. You can buy two or three in small quantities to see how the puppies react after eating; including palatability, Pet Treats for Medium digestion and absorption, and the shape of excreta. Each breed says that its products are the best, cheap and big bowls, and may wish to consult doctors and experienced people.

For a dog to eat as long as seven full is enough, do not overdo it, let it take advantage of the bowl is not full; eat too much plus run after dinner and jump, Pet Treats for Medium it is easy to spit it out. The puppies that are kept in their cages all year round, eating is their rare entertainment, so they will be like a hungry blockbuster. Don't be fooled by them. They think they are really hungry. But always eating enough, the amount of activity is not large, excretion is not a good dog, it may be really sick, it is best to take it to see a doctor. When changing food for a dog, don't change it all at once, blend in half a new food every time, try two or three days, and gradually increase the weight. After one week, use all new ones. This dog's digestive system can adapt to it, otherwise it is easy to squat.

Many parents think that dogs want to lick the bones. In fact, the humeral heads easily clog the dog's gut, causing constipation, causing vomiting and poor appetite. Pet Treats for Medium In particular, chicken bones are absolutely unnecessary. Because they are small and brittle, it is easy to plug the esophagus and pierce the bones. When feeding, be sure to give plenty of clean water at the same time. Do not use distilled water or boiling water. The dog's stomach does not care about these. In short, the puppy is happy and the whole family is happy when it is fed regularly, quantitatively and on a fixed basis.